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Self-care is Important

Self-care make it a priority! You are important Take a moment, close your eyes and I want you to think about the craziest roller-coaster ride you have been on. Well sorry to burst your bubble but there is a roller-coaster called parenting, by far the scariest, craziest, exhilarating ride you can ever experience.  But we…
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Thank You To All The Grandparents

Thank You to the Ouma’s (Grannies) and Oupa’s (Grampa’s) all around the world. Not enough credit is given to grandparents for all the support they give when it comes to our Au-Some kids. Understanding an autistic child can be overwhelming for most. Grandparents are known for making extra effort.  Grandparents ask questions to better understand…
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Finding Your Purpose

Growing up is by far the hardest thing to do. Priorities vary and often due to an unpleasant uninformed society, all you want as a person, is to be accepted. What you fail to realize is…you are, who you are for a purpose. Masking and changing to fit in or to be accepted should never…
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Autism Facts

Positive Facts About Autism Content to follow Content to follow

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Au-some Kids #voice4cruz started in 2019 by a mother and her child with the need to openly talk about their journey in hope to raise awareness and form a sense of therapy which ultimately lead to self discovery, hopes, and a dream. As a mother of an autistic child, receiving the initial diagnosis came as…
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