Finding Your Purpose

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Finding Your Purpose

Growing up is by far the hardest thing to do. Priorities vary and often due to an unpleasant uninformed society, all you want as a person, is to be accepted. What you fail to realize is…you are, who you are for a purpose. Masking and changing to fit in or to be accepted should never be an option and as parents we need to teach our kids about self-love, self-acceptance and embracing their uniqueness.

“I believe that finding one’s purpose will be uncovered when one is true to one’s self”.

I realized this at the age of 37…

Some may think it’s too late in life, but rather late than never. I am a proud mother to an autistic 6-year-old boy. Initially my son’s diagnosis scared the bejesus out of me.  Little did I know that in due time I will learn so much and discover my purpose in life.

Yes, you have a purpose & reason for being here. You may not understand why things happen at first, but it does not mean it did not happen for a greater purpose, beyond your imagination.

Yes, its normal to ask the “why”, regardless of the subject being positive or negative.

At the end of the day, “you do what you need to“ at that specific moment. Was I fulfilling my purpose 3 years ago..? HECK NO! I had a good job, made money, but what satisfaction do you get from doing something well, when you know it is not what you were meant to do.

As a person, you will only understand what you are meant to understand, until it is time for you to understand more. Be patient, give it time & trust. Only you know how to ultimately cultivate the best part of your inner self.

You need to make informed choices while living your passion & walking your dreams. Try not to sweat the small stuff, or even what you “think” is the bad stuff.

Pay good attention to the happiness of your heart. Feed your soul with positivity. Live the life that you were meant to live with an untroubled heart & an exultant soul. Do not pay attention to the negative thoughts running through your mind. Trust your heart & soul unconditionally.

Over the years I have learnt to control how I see things, handle situations and most important I realized that I am responsible for every choice I make. If you choose not to learn to control your mind, the consequences of your actions will most certainly learn to control you. You will have no one to blame for everything that happens negative in your life but yourself. Do not be naive and think that nothing negative is coming your way. Be openminded and take all negative situations as they come, but do not let them consume you. Make the choice of waking up your soul’s truth.

We are our boundless soul’s consciousness. It powers our bodies with life & allows our minds, have the ability to think, although most people choose to let the “higher powers” of this world do their thinking for them. Think for yourself using your soul’s consciousness & your mind to maintain thoughts of higher awareness and of a universal self.

“In short, You will think higher than what your ego anticipates”. Thus, rising above separation & judgment. In this you will step into your universal truth, which is your soul’s greatest truth of self.

No one can tell you the truth of who you are but your soul”.

Having internally dealt with the diagnosis of my son, and yes, I questioned myself why! Two years went by before I attended my first autism support meeting.

“I had a lot of questions and I needed answers”.

I prepared for this meeting, wrote down all the things I needed to ask, but left that day with zero clarification on the things I wrote down.  Instead I found my purpose. I will never forget that day.

There I was sitting at the table with other parents, keeping to myself. Not making friends…  I was just there to ask questions. Unable to focus, my mind kept on drifting, looking at everyone trying to figure out their story. I noticed 2 females walking in.  The one an elderly woman accompanied by a younger female with a child strapped to her back.  I immediately noticed that the child strapped, was no infant, or toddler… This child was a teenage boy…

I was intrigued…………….the rest of the meeting was a blur. All I could focus on was this little person and the poor mother having to carry a much older child on her back. As soon as the meeting finished, I rushed over. While introducing myself I asked if I could say hello to her beautiful happy child. I remember him having the biggest smile and bright joyful eyes. He was nothing short of a true blessing.

Without going into detail about this little blessing, I learnt that she had no other means of keeping her son mobile, unless it was on her back.  All medical equipment is expensive, especially motorized wheelchairs… Not everyone can afford medical insurance and unfortunately our government’s free medical system does not cover motorized wheelchairs. I then asked for her contact number not, divulging to her my true intention. I knew in my heart I had to help. Not many know this about me, but I cry a lot. When there are kids, elderly people or animals involved I am a big bag of mush. I held back tears the entire time, these were not sad tears.  This was the moment I realized my purpose in life.

“Helping others brings me more satisfaction than anything else”.

For any parent struggling right now, struggling with their child’s diagnosis, please know that life will not give anything that you are not ready to handle…. Yes, it will be tough but find the purpose & reason.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste and experience it to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.”

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  1. Stella says:

    Love that you have written this, so many people on their journey feel alone and isolated and they can take heart from what you have written.. the hardships Thay you are overcoming, but also the laughs and joys and love.

  2. lizel says:

    You are strong you are brave and you are the light to your son and so many out there.
    I love u

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