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Au-some Kids #voice4cruz started in 2019 by a mother and her child with the need to openly talk about their journey in hope to raise awareness and form a sense of therapy which ultimately lead to self discovery, hopes, and a dream.

As a mother of an autistic child, receiving the initial diagnosis came as a complete shock accompanied by different emotions such as denial and frustration. 

These emotions lead to immediately turning to the web for information. There is so much overwhelming information available that it began to confuse my emotions and I was overcome by a feeling of doubt.

The internet describes autism as one specific disorder which does not encompass that the spectrum for autism is wide and very unique for each child. 

As I compared the list of autistic struggles to what I was seeing within my child,  I came to the conclusion that my child was misdiagnosed. 

This denial resulted in losing two years of valuable early intervention in the development for my child.

The initiative of Au-some kids #voice4cruz grew into a passion, which was initiated and officially established in 2020 by Jo West.

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